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"If there is one band in the tristate that epitomizes the organic process of music-making, it's The Honey Vines."

thomas ellis, news4u magazine


Fletcher's Finds

“The local scene's welcome trend in original music continues with The Honey Vines. The in-demand duo with the beautiful harmonies has been quietly plugging away in the studio, stealing time between day jobs and gigs to produce the Sunday Morning EP. In reality a two-track single, it neatly highlights both members; Andrea Wirth takes the lead on the emotional, piano driven title track and Melanie Bozsa shines on the understated, acoustic "To the Moon and Back." As advertised, their voices come together at just the right moments to lift the songs to higher places. "Sunday Morning" especially ascends during the climatic refrain: "Sing me a song/make it real." Like an exquisite hybrid of Wirth's favorite melodies, the track is pure release. Remarkably, Bozsa captures the same feel in "To the Moon and Back" with only soft strumming and her honey-coated vocals. More, please."

news4u Magazine



Power Duo

"Andrea and Melanie's presence in the Tri-State has allowed them to spread the comforting and loving sounds everyone has come to know so well as, The Honey Vines."

news4u magazine


The Honey Vines

"In times like these when everyone seems to be taking sides and divisiveness rules the day, it's nice to know that The Honey Vines are here to spread some good vibes around."

"Mostly self produced by Bozsa at Honey Vinyl Music Studio, the new album features some truly fantastic vocal harmonies and expressive guitar work. Songs like the roots "Give Your Heart," just ooze authenticity with lyrics that touch on societal unrest and the eternal quest for acceptance. "World Full of Sides," lyrically inspired by the seemingly daily barrage of hate crimes and mass shootings, pleads listeners to take a look at the big picture and act responsibly."

thomas ellis,    news4u magazine 2017